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Residence Life

We strive to provide students with safe, clean, well-maintained and reasonably priced residences, where academic success and personal growth are promoted. It is our goal to provide a living environment for students that offers physical comfort and safety, an atmosphere conducive to sleep and study, and an environment that supports academic pursuits and meeting new friends. Our educational community helps students integrate the academic experience into their daily living, enhances the formation of personal identity, and fosters a variety of relationships and community interdependence.

Academic Support in Residence

Commitment to Diversity

Educational Sanctions

Important Dates

Living in Residence after First Year


Residence Education and Programs

Residence Home Page

RezNet Support and Information

Safety & Security


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Husband and Wife

"I can't imagine a better environment for a first-year university student. Residence provides a support system, a home, friends
and family. It has been an invaluable experience."