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  Before You Leave Home
  Getting Organized
  The Dreaded Drop-Off
  Reassurance for You
  Adjustment Challenges
  Roommates, Residence Hall Living and Residence Staff Support
  Stress and Pressure - Thanksgiving Break
  Academic Pressures
  Social Pressures
  Time Management
  Coming Home for the Holidays
  Weight Issues
  Career Choices and Majors
  Finding a Place to Live
  Alcohol Abuse
  Stress and Pressure - Final Exams

 Student Needs and Wellness : Calendar for Parents

            At Western, we recognize the challenges your student faces as s/he makes the transition to university and independence. We also recognize that, as parents, you have a continuing interest in your child's progress and experience at university. This time is a transition period for you as well, and throughout this section, we've provided some suggestions on how you can help your student succeed with a new life on campus.

         We’ve consulted a number of valuable resources and combined them with our experience in understanding the rhythm of the year, not only in terms of academics, but of personal wellness issues as well. While every student is different and has his or her own unique characteristics, there are some common areas experienced by students overall that we identify throughout the academic year, and address through concentrated programming and support services in residence.

            For information on students’ particular needs and challenges throughout the year, please click on any month below. In it, you’ll find a list of commonly experienced issues, some of the programming responses we conduct in residence, as well as ways that you as a parent can help support your student as s/he responds to these challenges. We recognize that, even though your child is now living away from home, your involvement in your student’s life continues to be an important element to his or her wellbeing and development.


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