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It seems like yesterday...

Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday when you saw your child take his first steps, ride his first two-wheeler bike or bring home his first report card. Time goes by fast, and now your daughter or son is embarking on one of the most important steps s/he will ever take.

Our residence staff have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that the residence experience is welcoming, enriching, supportive, and comfortable. Residence is more than just a place to eat and sleep. Your student's choice to live on campus while studying at Western has many benefits, including close connections to the campus, enabling your son or daughter to make friends more quickly and easily than if he or she lived off-campus; opportunities to become involved in the many programs and activities that have been developed to support academic studies and personal growth; and convenient access to classes and campus facilities.

We've created this web site so that it may help to ease the transition for you as your child enters university life. It answers some important questions that may be on your mind, and most importantly, we want you to know that your son or daughter is in good hands.

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Daughter and Father

Our educational community helps students integrate the academic experience into their daily living, enhances the formation of personal identity, and fosters a variety of relationships and community interdependence.